5 Futuristic Gadgets That You Wouldn’t Believe Actually Exist. 

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5 Futuristic Gadgets That You Wouldn’t Believe Actually Exist. 


Technology in the 80’s cannot be compared with technology today which has succeeded in radically transforming our lifestyles. However, much of our Gadgets looks roughly the same as they did decades ago, for example, we still click, type and stare at our computer screens even though they are smaller and more portable. This is expected to change and in this article, I will show some upcoming technologies that are sure to change the way we do things in the future. Some of the different technologies discussed here are still in the conceptual stage but others are already at in prototype phases, expected to soon hit the consumer market.

Gadget 1: The Genican 

Who says that your garbage disposal unit can’t get an upgrade? Certainly not Amazon who are in the process of creating a trash can that records whatever you throw away and orders a new one for you automatically, genican eliminates the need to go grocery shopping. The Amazon trash can is fitted with a tiny camera and a barcode scanner what work together to record everything you throw away and sends the information to Amazon.com, where it is immediately reordered and shipped to you.

You can check it out over at: https://www.genican.com/


Gadget 2: The Xperia Portable Touch Projector

In a bid to eliminate the use of screens, there have been several attempts to making every surface a touch screen on demand. The Xperia portable touch projector was designed to bring surfaces in your home to life on demand. This state-of-the-art device produces a fully interactive display of up to 80 inches with a short-throw projection that works on walls, tables, and even the floor. The projector uses an infrared 60fps camera to capture your movements and the displayed images actually respond to your touch.

Watch Gsmarena review it below! You can also check out their full review Here

Gadget 3: The Copenhagen Wheel

Imagine having a bicycle that does your pedaling for you. Well the Copenhagen Wheel company in association with MIT have announced the creation of a motor that instantly transforms a normal bike into a hybrid electric vehicle. The standalone device can be installed on almost every bike and it consists of a motor and a battery pack that is attached to the back of the bike. The device captures excess energy as you pedal downhill or when you brake and then propel you up steeper inclines or difficult terrains. In addition, the device can also be connected to the Internet and used to record speed and distance traveled.

how copenhagen wheel works tech lg

Gadget 4: Fight Fires with Sound

In the future, your local firefighters could arrive at a fire not with a water truck but with a sound system as researchers at George Mason University in Virginia have developed a sonic extinguisher that is quite effective at fighting fires. Their research is based on the fact that sound is essentially made up of pressure waves which can be used to disrupt the air surrounding a fire. When set to the right frequency, this can be used to cut off the supply of oxygen to the fire.

Gadget 5: Instant Translation Device

The number one hindrance to travel is the difficulty communicating with people from other countries. The ILI Instant Translation Device hopes to solve this problem with their compact yet easy to use intelligent wearable gadget. You simply speak into the receiver in your native language to get a translation in any language you want. The ILI instant translation device has a simple sleek design and even works without an internet connection.


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