FRP Bypass Your Galaxy S7

So, you just purchased a second-hand Samsung Galaxy S7 and you’re setting up your new phone until you come across an odd screen. You must enter the previous Google account information to continue, but you have no idea how to get the original account information especially after the guy/gal who sold you the Galaxy S7 won’t answer your many calls and texts. I am assuming by now you have decided to FRP bypass your Galaxy S7.

The factory reset protection (FRP) security feature was created in early 2015 when the Android version 5.1.1 lollipop was released. Every Android version after Lollipop ???? has the FRP security feature and its always ready to activate.

FRP bypass the Google account verification screen on your galaxy s7

There’s one little problem

You may believe that you can just reboot the device and it will be back to normal, but you’re wrong. Many times the FRP lock is enabled when it’s not wanted, which can be anything between a slight inconvenience or a long frustrating journey.

If you are unable to obtain the previously synced Google account information you will have to either perform an FRP bypass on your Galaxy S7 or use a reliable FRP removal service.

 The FPR lock was designed to only unlock once the original Google account information is provided, which is why the only other way to gain full access to your Samsung Galaxy S7 is to bypass the FRP lock.

Bypass FRP on your Galaxy S7 to rid the brick!
Let’s bypass the brick


Download to bypass

Samsung Galaxy S7 Bypass FRP Download

Let’s get you your phone back!

Step 1: Find the Google account verification screen.

    • The process begins once you open your Samsung Galaxy S7 to the “Welcome” screen. Choose your native language (the language you speak when you are home)  then tap the yellow “Start” button.
    • You are in the “Choose a network” screen, where you must connect to your wifi.
      • Strong internet connection is recommended ????
    • Now, your Galaxy S7 can access the internet. Tap “Next” then agree to “Terms and services.”
      • Welcome to the Google account verification screen!

"Welcome" screen on Samsung Galaxy S7 FRP Bypass

Step 2: Bypass FRP Galaxy S7

    • Enjoying the verification screen? Too bad, tap the back button “<”.
    • You are on the “Terms and conditions” page, tap any of the “Learn more” options.
    • While on another “Terms and conditions” page, tap on the “Enhance” feature.
    • Long press (about 2 seconds) on any of the text on this screen. A pop-up will appear with the options “Select all, copy, share”, tap “Share”.
    • Now Samsung wizard will pop-up, long tap (2 seconds or more). You will be redirected to “Samsung wizard setup”. Tap on “Force stop” then “Battery” then select “Change to power saving locating method“.

Continue the frp bypass with the help of android wizard

Please keep in mind:

This option may not appear on your Galaxy S7 if that is the case complete the following steps:

  1. Disconnect your Galaxy S7 from wifi
  2. Place an active sim card
  3. Then select language once more
  4. Leave your phone in sleep mode for 5-6 hours
  5. Remove the SIM card

Step 3: Open Chrome

    • Choose “Google location history” then tap “Yes”. Now, choose “Google location history” again. You will be asked to “Add Google account”.
    • Tap the three dots in the right-hand corner, and pick “Help”.
    • You now have access to “Chrome” tap the “Chrome” option tap the “Accept & continue” then “No thanks”.

Step 4: Download APK

    • Using the “Google search bar” type Once you are here scroll down to “Download to bypass” portion of this article you will have to tap “Samsung Galaxy S7 Bypass FRP Download”.

Step 5: Samsung App Store

    • Now that the application is downloading tap back “<” until you reach the search bar to type in “,” then search “Samsung Galaxy Apps” then choose “Samsung Levant”.
    • On the home page hit “Samsung Galaxy Apps”  then choose “Agree”.
    • Now download “MaxIExplorer File Explorer” then sign in
    • You will  tap “Accept and download” tap the “Play” buttons
    • Go to the “Download” folder and find the “Quick shortcut maker”.
    • Tap “View” then open with “Package installer”.
      • Select “Settings”, “Unknown source”,  tap “Install

Step 6: Google account completed

    • Open the app and search “Google account manager” then tap.
      • Search “Google account manager type email and password” tap the 3rd one down.
    • Tap the 3 dots in the right-hand corner of your screen. Tap “Browser sign in”. You will be redirected to the Google account page. Now sign into your account.

Step 7: Bypass FRP Galaxy S7

Bypass FRP galaxy s7 restart

    • Once you are completely signed into your account you will be redirected to the “Google account manager”.
    • Hold down the “Power” button and “Restart device





Congratulations you have successfully bypassed the FRP lock on your Galaxy S7! Now, when your phone restarts you must complete the initial set-up and your new phone.

If this unlock solution did not bypass the FRP lock on your Galaxy S7, then you should go check out BypassFRPLock, their blog has a wide variety of unlock solutions, and one of them may work for you.

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