What is FRP Lock?

Introduction To FRP Lock

What is the FRP lock? 

The FRP ( Factory Reset Protection) lock does just what its name signifies, it prevents anyone from illegally using an android device even if they forcefully perform a factory reset on that device. The FRP lock was designed to ensure that a stolen or misplaced phone cannot be wiped or factory reset. The device remains locked even when a new firmware is installed or it is boot into recovery. FRP lock is largely hidden and will only kick in when a factory reset is performed on your device without your authorization. When this happens, the device boots with a prompt for the Google account login that was last used on the device. This is an effective way to keep intruders out of your device, unfortunately, the FRP security feature also prevents the owner of the phone to enable factory reset if they do not know their Google account information. Many people end up needing to perform a FRP bypass on their device. 

Why is the FRP Lock Important?gs7 frp lock

There have been numerous cases of stolen android phones being resold to unsuspecting buyers as all a thief needs to do is perform a factory reset on the device from the device settings or using the recovery mode and pop in a new SIM, and they have a new phone. Although there are several safety features like the find my phone location tracker or the remote data wipe these become useless when all the devices’ preferences have been wiped clean.

However, when the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock is activated on a device, that device cannot be used after a factory reset unless the user has your Google account login details or they FRP unlock the device. The best part is that this feature remains effective whether the android device is wiped using the recovery mode or by installing a new firmware. There are very few ways to FRP unlock a device

1. Unlock the device yourself
2. Hire an FRP removal service
3. Go to a cellphone repair shop


After the factory reset (recovery or new firmware installation), the device will display the following prompt for the user attempting to use it:

“This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.”

This FRP locks the user out of the device if he/she forgot their google account information or are not authorized to use the device.

How Do I Activate/Deactivate the FRP?

FRP lock is automatically activated when you set up a Google account, which is a necessary step when setting up a new Android device. Once activated, it remains turned on until it is triggered by a reset command.

In some cases, you may want to give away your android device or exchange it for a better one and you must deactivate the FRP lock before you can do this. To deactivate the FRP lock, you need to remove any and all Google Accounts from the device (including the security lock in some devices). Once this is done, you can then perform a factory reset through the device settings.

Difference between ( Google account lock ) and FRP lock

A ton of you guys have been asking us what the difference between google account bypass and Factory Reset Protection was, The long answer is that there is no difference, Google account lock is just another way to say FRP lock


How can you FRP unlock your phone?

Fortunately, as previously stated you are able to perform a Google account bypass. There are actually a few ways you are able FRP unlock your device: unlock yourself, use a remote FRP removal service, go to a phone repair shop that offers FRP unlocks (it may be helpful to call ahead). If you know of any other methods that are available please let us know ☺!



Factory reset protection (FRP) is used when a person tries to factory reset a phone without knowing the Google account information. The device will lock to the Google account verification page. Currently, we only know 2 methods that can be used to get back onto the device.

1. Find out what the original google account username and password is to unlock the device.
2. Hire a FRP removal service or unlock the device yourself.

The device is locked until you either figure out the username and password or using another method to unlock your device. In the case where your device gets FRP locked try to stay positive and patient while you are trying to get your phone unlocked.

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