What is FRP Removal Service?

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Frp removal service

What is FRP Removal Service?


It can either be an incredibly delightful or detrimental experience when finding out your phone has the factory reset protection (FRP) security feature. Google and Android created the security feature to increase the amount of protection offered on Android devices.  If an individual attempts to factory reset the phone without signing out of all previous accounts the FRP security feature will be provoked, enabling the lock to the Google account verification page. When the FRP lock is triggered it is difficult to use or sell the device until the previous Google account information is provided. Fortunately, for those who have a hard time remembering passwords, there are alternative methods to unlock the device. It is possible to attempt the unlock yourself with the proper technical background. You are also able to use an FRP removal service to bypass the Google account verification page.

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What is FRP?
FRP Bypass
What is FRP Removal Service?
In-Person FRP Removal Service
How In-Person FRP Removal Service Works
Remote FRP Removal Service
 How Remote FRP Removal Service Works
Bypass FRP Yourself
How to Bypass FRP Yourself
In Conclusion

FRP Removal Service
Would you rather unlock your device using a Remote FRP removal service or in person?

What is FRP?

Factory reset protection (FRP) is a security feature that is used in devices with lollipop 5.1 and higher. If your mobile device gets stolen or hacked into it will automatically erase all data including your files and apps if you are unable to sign into the previous Google account. That may seem incredibly inconvenient, but it is far better than somebody having all of your information. In many situations, the security feature is triggered by somebody factory resetting a device before they are about to sell it, after the factory reset is complete you have to enter in the previous Google account to unlock your phone. If you are unable to figure out the acount information you should think about getting a FRP bypass. Fortunately, you are able to use a FRP removal service to unlock the device or you are able to unlock the device yourself with the proper technical background. 


FRP Bypass?

a FRP bypass is used when somebody locks themselves out of a phone due to their lack of original Google account information after factory resetting their phone without signing out of all accounts. You are able to bypass this feature once it has occured. You have the ability to preform the bypass yourself with the help of Youtube instructions, find a cell-phone repair store that is able to preform the unlock, or check out a remote FRP removal service.

1. Unlock the device yourself
2. Find a remote FRP removal service
3. Go to a Phone repair store that offers FRP unlocks


What is a FRP Removal Service?

A FRP removal service allows anybody whos FRP security feature on their device gets prevoked to remove the original Google account from their device. You are able to preform a bypass by yourself with the help from instructional Youtube videos if you know how to make your way around a computer, find a phone store that is able to preform a FRP removal service, or a remote FRP unlocking service. Two out of the three option are FRP removal services: remote FRP unlocking service and going to a phone repair shop to remove the Google account verification lock. 


In-Person FRP Removal Service

In-person unlocking methods are very easy once you find a phone repair shop that offers a FRP removal service. You might have to call the stores in your surrounding cities to find a reliable unlocking service. Many phone repair shops deal with screen cracks, water damage, and internal corruption but not FRP unlocking. Once you find the repair shop, allow the technician a day or so to unlock your device. Please remember once the device is unlocked all of the information previously on the phone will be erased. On average it is around $60 upfront to bypass the Google account at a cellphone repair shop. Once the device is unlocked the technician will call you back to the store to pick up your device.


In-person FRP removal service

How In-Person FRP Removal Service Work

1. Drive to a mobile unlocking store that offers a FRP unlocking service. You may have to call ahead.

2. Talk to the technician at the cellphone repair shop and let them know that your device has been locked on the Google verification page and you would like to receive a FRP bypass.

3.  You pay $60+ upfront for them to unlock your device.

4. The technician will bring your device to the back to remove unlock the FRP or use a remote unlocking service.

5. The technician will send you home and have you come back the next day to pick up your phone.


Remote FRP Removal Service (UnlockJunky’s method)

The remote FRP unlocking service usually takes about 15-20 minutes for the technician to remove the Google account verification lock. When the bypass is complete all of the information including apps, photos, and documents will be erased off of the device. On average it costs $30 to remove the FRP lock, the make and model of the device that needs to be unlocked determines the price. UnlockJunky also offers a money back guarantee ???? if they are unable to unlock the device.  Using a remote FRP removal service does require you to download the provided USB redirect or program onto your Windows PC so the technician is able to unlock the device. You also have to be by the computer while the unlock process is occurring because sometimes the technician needs you to manually press buttons or controls on the device. Once your device is unlocked you will receive a confirmation email to ensure you are satisfied with the unlocking service.


Remote FRP Removal Service


How Remote FRP Removal Service Work (UnlockJunky’s method)

1. Go to UnlockJunky.com and order your FRP bypass. You must choose the make, model, and the unlock that you are looking to get.

2. During business hours, start a live chat with our technician. You are able to find the live chat box on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Once you start a live chat.

3.  Download and run the USB redirector program that is provided in a instructional email.

4.  Once you have the USB redirector program up and running, enter: in the “Enter tech address” field. Please make sure that the address is typed Exactly like this, with no extra spaces. If the tech address is not exact our technician will not be able to access and bypass the account on your device.

5. Plug your locked device into your Windows PC with a data cable. Be sure to be using your Windows PC because the USB redirctor program won’t work on a mac. ( if you wish to unlock your device on a Mac contact us at UnlockJunky@gmail.com)

6.  Sit tight for 5-20 minutes, sometimes our technician needs you press buttons or control the device. While the FRP removal service is occuring the USB redirector will have a screen open showing the four steps needed to complete the unlock. When you see step 4 the unlock is finished. You will also receive a email from us making sure that the removal has been completed and you are satisfied with our service.

Bypass FRP Yourself

With the proper technical background, bypassing the FRP lock yourself shouldn’t take more than a hour if there are no complications. You will need to use a OTG cable to complete the unlock. First, you must download and install a special Android package (APK) that will allow you to remove the FRP lock from the device. Then plug in your device with the OTG cable. Then using the APK you will be able to backup and reset the device.



How to Bypass FRP Yourself

1. Download and install a special APK (Android PacKage) that you have to use for Google FRP bypass. Copy the APK file to your USB storage then with a OTG cable link the USB flash drive to the device. 

2. While you are connected to the OTG cable your device will have accessibility to the APK file in the USB flash drive. Install the APK files app through the file manager on the device. 

3. Once you install the FRP bypass tool you are able to access the ‘backup and reset’ option in your settings.

4. In ‘backup and reset’ find the ‘ factory data reset’ then choose ‘reset the device/erase everything 

5. Your device should reboot automatically. Ater the reboot, follow the instructions on the screen to set up the device.



In Conclusion

If you have a device that is locked to the Google accounts screen it is because somebody factory resets the device without signing out of the original Gmail and password and any other accounts that have been used on the device. Fortunately, if your device gets FRP locked you are able to bypass the security feature and get back onto your device. You are able to unlock the device by yourself or you can use a FRP removal service. Unlocking your device might take more time than expected and can easily get frustrating, its important to be patient and positive.



Motorola – Apk Bypass Download

Samsung – Apk Bypass Download

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What is a Frp Removal Service?
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What is a Frp Removal Service?
Google and Android created the security feature to increase the amount of protection offered on Android devices. If an individual attempts to factory reset the phone without signing out of all previous accounts the FRP security feature will be Enabled.
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