FRP Unlock ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981)

FRP Unlock ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981)

Hey guys its Mariah from TechJunky, in this article I am going to show you how to FRP unlock ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981). By following the instructions given later in this article you should be able to bypass the google account on your ZMax Pro (Z981).

But first…

We are going to talk a little more about what factory reset protection (FRP) is ????

Prior to your ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981) getting FRP locked, you may not have known that your phone holds the powerful security feature known as factory reset protection (FRP) or how the lock ???? works.

In devices that hold Android Lollipop ???? 5.1 or any version that is higher holds the effective lock. The security feature is enabled when your device is factory reset while still signed into the Google account. Turning your ZTE ZMax Pro into a expensive brick.

The companies Google and Android collaborated to create the FRP lock due to the mass amount of phone theft. They both decided it is incredibly important to ensure their customers information security.

Fortunately, for those who accidently enable the FRP security feature on their device or purchase a device that is locked to the Google account verification screen; there are solutions and removal services available that will allow you to FRP unlock your ZTE ZMax Pro.


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FRP Unlock ZTE Zmax Pro (Z981) Paid Method

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Lets FRP ???? Unlock your ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981)

Step One: If your ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981) is currently turned off, then turn it on. When the FRP locked device gets turned on you will open to the “Welcome Page”. On this screen choose the language most appropriate for you.

Step Two: After deciding what language works best for you and choosing it, go to the next screen and choose the best WiFi connection that you have. This process usually works best using a private (usually home) internet connection.

Step Three: Skip all of the steps until you reach the “Google Account Verification” screen. Don’t worry, you will have the chance to do everything once your ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981) is FRP unlocked ☺.

Step Four: On the Google account verification screen go to the “Enter your email” prompt and tap.

Step Five: Now that your “Swift-Keyboard” is open, tap on the “SwiftKey” which can be found in the bottom left-hand corner.

Step Six: The Swift-Menu will appear allowing you to choose “Settings”.

Step Seven: A list will appear, on that list find the “Language” button and tap.

Step Eight: Hold down the Right led button to minimize the screen.

Step Nine: Tap on the “Google Search” widget that will be on the top of your ZTE ZMax Pro’s  screen. Once the application is opened you will be asked to sign into your Google account, tap “No Thanks” and continue from there.

Step Ten: In the search bar type “Settings” and choose it.

Step Eleven: If the Swift Key configuration appears tap “Got it” and “Not now”.

Step Twelve: go to the “Backup & Reset” part of your Settings and select “Factory data reset”.

Step Thirteen: Finally, select “Reset phone” and confirm the the reset by tapping “Reset phone” again.


???? Warning: Perform this FRP unlock at your own risk. TechJunky and its team does not take responsibility for what you do to your ZTE ZMax Pro  (Z981) or any other device you may use this solution on. I am happy to help if any of our TechJunkies are having any problem with their android device.


Once you have completed the FRP unlock ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981) process above ⬆ please let us know how the solution worked for you!


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