How to Hard Reset All Android

There are many reasons an individual might want to Hard Reset their Android device. Maybe you are selling your phone or it’s running slow, a Hard Reset can even help with a bricked phone. In our article below you will learn the difference between rebooting and resetting your device, how to restart your Android, & how to hard reset Android.

The Difference Between Rebooting and Hard Resetting

What are you looking to do with your Android device? A quick and easy refresh? A simple restart will most likely do the trick. Restarting your device once per week is recommended to keep it running smooth & increase the long term battery life. If you are interested in fully resetting the device as new, you are looking to Hard Reset/Factory Reset. We will be focus will be how to Hard Reset Android devices. This will remove all information on the device including photos, apps, accounts, personal information, etc.

How to Reboot your Android

Do you have a frozen or slow Android that you just want to work instead of fiddling with it? Have you tried to restart the device so you do not lose any Settings, Apps, or Photos? This is always our first answer if a phone needs a refresh.

All that you need to do is hold your power button for 3o seconds. Your device should automatically restart from there. This usually takes a few minutes.

Keep in Mind!

There are many cases in which an individual successfully Hard Reset’s an Android device but forgot to sign out of the previously synced Google account. Sometimes when this occurs you will get locked out of the device due to the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) security feature. The only way to access the device beyond the Google lock screen is to sign into the previous Google account of bypass the FRP lock. If you avoid the infamous Google account verification screen, I would recommend following the direction.

Step 1: Open your “Settings” on the Android phone.

Step 2: Select the “Accounts” option, then tap on “Google”

Step 3″ Select all Google Accounts associated with the device.

Step 4: Using the “Menu” icon in the top right corner, select “Remove Account”

How to Hard Reset you Android


Is your phone still giving you a hard time after the restart? Or are you selling an Android device and want to make that it is wiped clean of all previous information?

Before we begin I want to make sure this Fact is clear: Once you Hard Reset your Android device you will lose all settings, photos, & apps which will also remove most viruses. A Hard Reset will also automatically update your Android, meaning that you cannot go back to the original version.

Now that all of the warnings are out of the way, let’s Hard Reset your Android!

Step 1: Power down your Android.

Step 2: While the device is powered off, hold Power & Volume Up together which will bring you to Recovery Mode (some Samsung devices require you to hold Power, Volume Up, & Home to reach the desired mode).

*What is Recovery Mode?*

A mode on all Androids that allows users to fix problems on their mobile devices.

Step 3: Use the Volume buttons to scroll to Recovery, then use the Power button to select.

*Do you see No Command?*

Hold Power, then press Volume Up once while still holding Power.

Step 4: Press Volume Down until you wipe data/Factory reset. Then select using Power.

Step 5: Continue using Volume Up/Down to navigate and Power to select the following options: Yes–delete all user data & Reboot system now.

It usually takes several minutes for the phone to reboot (restart) once the Android phone has been Hard Reset. Once it starts back up you can set up your device as new.

How’s your Android working Now?

After a Restart or a Hard Reset, your Android should be working much better! Is this easier or harder than expected and did the Restart or Hard Reset help in your situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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