Infento: A toy for the Future

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Infento: a toy for the Future




When you were growing up, what were your favorite toys that you played with? Maybe a Hot Wheels or possibly Legos or Super Soakers. Beginning in 2018 Infento will become gen y’s most memorable toys that they will play with.


We are nearing the next technological revolution. Gen y will most likely be the ones who will work with artificial intelligence (AI) and extraordinary technology that will revolutionize humanity, which is why it is important to teach them key elements of success, a prime element of success is to be able to create. Growing up playing with Infento our children will begin to develop the logic that is needed to become creators.

Enjoy the weekend with your family building incredible rides that can be used for your kid’s entire childhood! You are able to build and take apart rides as many times as you’d like, giving the whole family endless hours of fun and technical learning. There are countless types of rides that you can build with Infento and enjoy for years to come:

  • Speedster

  • Biker

  • Skitter

  • Snow Drifter



What can you do with Infento?

These cool rides can be made and used by kids of all ages, Infento also labels what age they suggest kids should be for each ride kit. Infento also makes each ride kit accessible for several rides to be made so you can build incredible rides with your kid(s) and have some variety in their rides. It is also extremely beneficial on a muggy rainy day where nobody wants to go outside, instead of watching tv or playing on screens your children could build their amazing rides and learn technical skills doing so!

With Infento you are able to create unique rides and toys that can be played with for hours, then when the kiddos get bored with their creation, you can simply build more amazing toys that are as utterly unique and your little genius. My top two personal favorite creations that families came up with would have to be:

Her amazing horse creation that she made with her dad. Now she can ride her rockin’ horse anywhere she wants! ????


His awesome electric go cart. Hmmm… I wonder who came up with this brilliant idea ????




Only one?

You are only able to build one ride at a timed with each Infento kit, but each kit creates unlimited life sized rides. There are also instructions for a variety of rides that you can build with each kit. You can find the instructions on their website their instructions are incredibly detailed and up to date with the best possible ways to construct the kits and create incredible rides the whole family will love.



Infenting Infento

Infento began in 2010 when Spencer and Sander, who are brothers in law came up with a brilliant idea that kids should learn incredibly important technical skills through building and play. Soon enough after building every component of their first awesome ride they started going to schools and letting the kids make their rides and play with them. After a few appearances teachers and parents alike began asking if they were going to make some for people to purchase. Spencer and Sander began building their first kit and found out how much people love Infento worldwide! Now they have warehouses in both Europe and America.


How much time does your kids spend watching tv, playing on either a tablet or a phone? And how many times have you tried to get them to go outside and play? Now with Infento the possibilities are endless. You can learn together and have a blast doing so! Infento gives your children the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will be used in their life-time and spend valuable time with their families.


If you are interested in their awesome ride kits you should totally check out both their website and Kickstarter!










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