Pirl Charger Overview

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Pirl Charger Overview



Did you know ???? that there are features that you can choose from while buying a charger? You are able to choose from a large list of features like knowing the number of amps and total watts in the charger or the ability to charge four devices at once using separate channels.  Before Pirl, there weren’t many chargers that offer these features. The Pirl charger offers eight unique features that allow the user to optimize their charging experience.


Pirl Features

FAST Four Port Charger: Quick charging for up to four devices. With 2.7 amps per port and 10.8 amps all together in a 50-watt unit. 

Four Separate Channels: Any interruption on one pathways, including shorts does not affect the other three charging ports in any way. 

Simultaneous: All ports are provided with simultaneous power, with no throttling. Charging speeds will not slow down when all ports are being used.

Intelligent Device Detection: All ports detect and optimizes charging speeds by adapting to every connected devices charging scheme. 

First Charger With A Watt-Meter: No more guessing how fast a electronic device is charging. 

Wide Input Voltage Range: The Pirl charger can accept between 7V and 17V. It also works with AC/DC adapters, car power port, DC output solar panels, lead acid batteries, and lithium-ion battery pack (2S, 3S, and 4S).

Built To Last: Built to withstand dead short, ESD, overcurrent, thermal overload, and reverse polarity. Made of aluminum and FR4 (glass fiber epoxy laminate.)

Tested With Real World Devices: Pirl tested their fast chargeing capabilities with devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, ASUS, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, and many more!



Four Separate Channels

The Pirl charger possesses the power from four individualized and intelligent channels. These four channels detects and selects the right D+ and/or D- settings and communicates with the attached (plugged in) device. Allowing the device to charge as fast as possible with the full current. Each channel is a completely separate unit. Making it possible for every device that is plugged in to use 2.7A of current at the same time ????. The output voltage is adjusted in every channel to be proportional to the amount of current drawn. This compensated for the powerloss in the wires and connectors. Overcurrent/faults will not cross one channel to another. Device faults or overcurrent will not harm the charger, nor will it cause harm to any other devices connected. A red light will turn on to indicate the channel has stopped. 

Multiple Input Options

Lithium Ion Battery Pack: Lithium ion batteries that are used to power drones and remote controlled vehicles ???? can be used.
Lead-Acid Betteries: Any 12V lead-acid batteries can be used with the Pirl charger.
Car/Cigarrette Lighter Adaptors: A 12V car charger can easily power Pirl’s 50-watt charger. You can charge multiple items faster and together. 
Solar Panels: The usual consumer solar panel’s output ranges from 10.5 V and 15V. The entire voltage range can be used to power the Pirl charger.
AC/DC Adaptors: Generally outputs 7V-17V that can be used. 



Built To Last

The ability to repurpose the Pirl charger is incredibly important to the team. They believe its extremely important to build a quality product that has flexibility. They are doing everything they can to reduce landfill waste????. The Pirl team decided to create a charger out of aluminium and FR4, because it has a higher resistances to pressure and flexible force. 



Protects Your Device From

While using a purl charger your device is protected from:

Static Discharge
Reverse Polarity




Who knew there are so many options to pick from while finding a charger for tour tech. Luckily, the team at Pirl realized charging can be so much easier and reliable. If you are interested in learning more about Pirl chargers i would definitely recommend checking out their Kickstarter and website.


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