Samsung Galaxy S9 Security

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If you’re like me, you probably like your devices secure. Especially after spending hundreds of dollars on each piece of tech you’ve collected. You start with a simple lock screen, whether its an eye recognition, number code, or a pattern. Which can keep your device somewhat secur. But did you know there are alternative security features built-in that will ensure your Samsung Galaxy S9 security?

1. Screen Locks

2. Data Encryption

3. Data Protection

4. Factory Reset Protection


Phone security is incredibly important in this day and age. Each new device is getting more expensive every year and our information is constantly out on the internet via affiliate marketing, social media, service providers, etc. People also deal with identity theft and credit/debit fraud that all is caused by our handy devices we have. Luckily, Samsung recognize what can occur to their customers due to the increasing amount of people who have their products. So they are implementing special security procedures with each new device including the Samsung Galaxy S9 security. 

Screen Locks

We all know that a solid locked screen will help wein annoying little cousins away from playing games on your phone, but what types of screen locks are available on a Samsung Galaxy S9 security and see how effect they are?

1. Swipe: swiping the screen will unlock the phone. Little to no effectiveness.

2. Pattern: create a pattern to use for unlocking. Low to medium security on the device.

3. PIN: select a pin to unlock. Low to medium security.

4. Password: create password to unlock that will unlock the device. Moderate effectiveness in security.

5. Facial Recognition: use of facial recognition unlocks the phone. Medium to high quality effectiveness.

6. Fingerprint: use a fingerprint to unlock. Mid to top quality security.

7. Iris: use of iris scan unlock the phone. High effectiveness.

8. Intelligent Scan: the use of both facial recognition and iris recognition to unlock the phone. Highest security on the market (at the moment).

Data Encryption

Data encryption allows the user of a device to create a secret key or password that allows only those who know the password to see specific data. You are able to encrypt your SD card to help with Samsung Galaxy S9 security . Meaning the data that is on the SD card can only be read on the device the data was encrypted on. You would be able to encrypt files and data onto the encrypted SD card. Which could be extremely beneficial if your device was stolen and the thief tries to get into your information, or if someone tries to steal your information through the phone.

Data protection

Without data protection large and small companies alike will have full access to all of your personal information and everything that you do on your phone. Which is already done enough through social media targeting strategies. Luckily, Samsung only provides your:

•  Log information

• Voice information

• Device information

• Location information

• Other information

 Due to Samsung Galaxy S9 security. Then they disclosed the listed information to their affiliates, business partners, service providers, law enforcement (when required), other parties during corporate transactions, and other parties with your consent. That seems like a lot of places for your personal information to go, but with data protection with your Samsung Galaxy S9 security procedures you are able to know where your information goes and if you want it to be accessible to those parties.

Samsung gives the Galaxy S9 security allows you accessibility to automatically trigger factory reset protection (FRP) after 15 failed attempts at unlocking the device. Which means that the phone prevents use of the device after factory data reset, until you log in using the Google username and password that was previously set up on the phone. Which could potentially be extremely beneficial if someone tries to steal your phone or your information, the only problem that may occur is if you do not know or remember the previous email that was set to the phone.

If you end up using the automatic factory reset protection (FRP) on your Samsung Galaxy 9, I would highly recommend to write down your email and password and put it in a safe place that you will remember.

In the off chance you cannot find the piece of paper with your Google information then there are ways you will be able to FRP unlock your phone. Here are a few links that you can use for DIY Samsung Galaxy S9 unlocks, but be warned, what you will currently find on unlocking your Galaxy S9 is not the most effective way, nor does it guarantee that your phone will be unlocked.






If none of these methods work for you or you don’t want to go through the long frustrating process of unlocking your device alone, I would highly recommend their services are quick, easy, and affordable.


Phone theft has decreased due to the security precautions used in many newer devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S9. The more phone owners use their security features on their devices the lower amount of theft will occur.

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