The Best FREE Productivity Apps Android

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The Best Free Productivity Apps Android.

Why would We need Productivity Apps?

In this day and age, most of us are constantly getting distracted. Whether the distraction roots from Facebook notifications or you’re killing it with PUBG mobile. It would be beneficial to find the best ways for you to stay productive. I have a few of the best free productivity apps android that should help you keep your focus through the day. is an amazing to-do list, calendar, and personal assistant. The to-do list portion of the app makes it easy to have all of your tasks, reminders, and lists in one easy to use place, because everything is put in a easy to read list. Also, you are able to use the calendar widget that connects to your Google calendar which allows all of your events to be in one place. The assistant component is incredibly useful for anybody. Plus, you can make the calendar widget translucent black and it looks awesome. You are able to ask it to save tasks and help you get your life organized. You are able to acquire the app for free, but they offer a premium service that is $2.24 a month. I have this particular to- do list app because the free version is awesome, the largest thing that you miss with the free version is customizability.

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A very unique app that helps you stay focused on whatever you are doing. To use the app you must put in the amount of time that you want to spend doing something into a timer that is provided within the app.Then, you start the timer while staying on the app and get to work ????! While the timer is running virtual trees are growing inside the app creating a adorable forest. If you try to close the app and use your phone before your timer goes off you kill the tree that was growing. When users spend virtual coins that they earn while using the app, they are helping plant real trees ????! This is one of my personal favorite of “the best free productivity apps android” list. I definitely plan on using this in the near future!

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LastPass Password Manager

I used to believe that all password managers were hoaxes and were incredibly unsecure. I was incredibly wrong, at least I was wrong about LastPass Password Manager. LastPass’s first priority is the security of your accounts and they have several safety precautions that they used to ensure security using a 256-bit AES. Which secures your information before it leaves your device. Their commitment to the security of your device security is why they are part of The Best FREE Productivity Apps Android list.



Work together in the most accurate way possible with the help of Trello. Organize your projects (ex: large work project, planning grandma’s birthday) with your friends, family, and/or coworkers. Enjoy the beautiful user friendly app or webpage. Have fun working on projects as a group with organizational help of Trello.


Google Keep

A beautifully designed coark boad. There is a  simple gray and yellow background that appears once you open the app. You can create ‘post-it notes’ that hold all of the information that you want. You are able to allow friends, family, or coworkers that you choose via their Google account to view and edit your Google keep individual ‘post-its’. it has a simple and fun layout that is incredibly easy to use. The amazing ability of communication and organization comes to life when you use the Google Keep app. In my opinion Google Keep one of the best free productivity apps android.

In Conclusion

Keep your eye out for incredible apps that can change your world! because we are in such a technological day and age and if we don’t allow our technology to organize our lives and work for us one day we might end up working for it.


Stay Productive ☺

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