Why is my phone IMEI Blacklisted?

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Why is my phone IMEI Blacklisted?

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you come home after buying a new phone? Once you are done telling everyone about your new tech you throw it on the charger so you can start the process of setting up your new phone. Unfortunately, your brand new phone is IMEI blacklisted , which could be caused by a variety of reasons:


  • Lost or stolen: the phone was reported lost or stolen to the carrier company.


  • Phone insurance fraud: the phone was reported lost, stolen, or broken to the carrier company so the phone owner can get a new phone and sell their old phone. 


  • Unpaid bills: when the person who owns the phone does not pay their carrier bill. 


You try calling and texting the guy who sold you the phone. After two days of getting ignored he answers, but all he has to say to you is that all sales are final. After realizing you are not going to get your money back because the phone was IMEI blacklisted, you think (PG version of your thoughts) ” I spent WAY to much money on a paper weight!




Now we’ve seen the hard way of learning what IMEI is. IMEI stands for international mobile equipment identity, which basically means most (if not all) mobile devices have a unique 15-17 digit code that allows your carrier provider know that a device is missing so they can get the device IMEI blacklisted. The format of an IMEI number is AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D, the format has remained the same since 2004.



You might be wondering “why do we need IMEI?”During the first month of the Samsung Galaxy S9  release over 8 million devices were shipped and sold. With that many news phones in the system there should be a way to regulate theft.



Finding your IMEI


There are a few ways you can find your devices IMEI number. Some of these ways only work on specific devices. Once you find your IMEI its highly recommended to write down the number and place it in a safe location just in case something happens too your new device:


  • Check the sticker on the original box: If you decide to buy a phone new or used with the box you can look for the barcode sticker, on the same sticker you will find the IMEI number


  • Remove the battery & check back of phone: If you have a device that has a removable battery you will most likely be able to use this method. All you have to do is take the battery out of your mobile device and check the bottom left corner that is usually under the battery and in most cases you will find the IMEI number there.


  • *#06#: If you type *#06# into your dial pad and call, your IMEI number will appear.



Around 2,000 phones get swiped in America every day, that’s about 750,000 mobile devices lifted in a year… The numbers of cell phone theft is going down in America partially due to the rise in IMEI awareness.


If you weren’t lucky enough to find our blog before buying the IMEI blacklisted phone it might be a good idea to check out some of the DiY IMEI unlocking methods on youtube, but many of the methods require a lot of time and can get quite frustrating. If you want to use a quick, easy and affordable method I would highly recommend UnlockJunky.com, they offer IMEI unlocks for HTC, LG, ZTE, Motorola, and Samsung devices. They are incredibly easy to work with, totally affordable for the quality of their services, and it only takes 30 minutes or less to complete the unlock!



Good luck ????














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