How 2 people will win a Samsung Galaxy S9+

Do you want to Win Free Samsung Galaxy S9+? 

After my awesome AR emoji finished reading your mind, I know that you totally want to win a Samsung Galaxy S9+. Who wouldn’t it is considered the “best phone on the market in 2018″, and for good reason, Samsung killed it with their variety of new features on the Samsung Galaxy S9+. (If you want to find out how 2 people will win a Samsung Galaxy S9+ without finding about all of the features scroll down to the bottom ☺.)


  • Intelligent Scan and Iris Scan For ultimate security you can use the intelligent scan or the iris scan to unlock your phone screen when you win a Samsung Galaxy S9+. With the intelligent scan, you can unlock your phone with your iris and facial recognition. You can also opt to use facial recognition or iris scan by themselves to unlock your phone.
  • 64 gb Enough memory for all of your files, photos, apps, etc.
  • Super slow motion videos I highly recommend watching this video and share your entrancing ???? super slow motion videos with us when you win a Samsung Galaxy S9+!

  • Dual-lens camera Allows you to take incredible photography with your new phone in both high and low light with the aperture modes. Inspire the world with your artsy dark light photos with the F1.5 aperture mode. Shock everybody you know ( and hopefully us ☺) with your vibrant high light photography using the F2.4 aperture mode.
  • New colors ???? When you win your Samsung Galaxy S9+ you will be able to choose from these four beautiful colors for the ultimate customized new phone. Which color will you choose?

  • AR emoji Turn your pictures of you and your friends and family into emojis.



How do you win a Samsung Galaxy S9+?

I bet you’re wondering “how am I going to win a Samsung galaxy S9+?” it’s not too difficult, all you have to do to be randomly selected to be one of the two lucky individuals to win a Samsung Galaxy S9+ is click here to subscribe to our blog It’s seriously that easy, we also highly recommend liking and following our Facebook page ????. Its not going to help you win a Samsung Galaxy S9+… But it was worth a try right. Be sure to share this post so your friends and family have a chance to win as well!



Why are we giving away 2 free Samsung Galaxy S9+? 

We love our customers! UnlockJunky and our blog TechJunky would be absolutely nothing without you guys, and we thought it was time to give back to our amazing customers, ???? and what better way to show our appreciation then to give them the best phone on the market! We are also trying to expand our following and make connections with our community.

If you need more of a reason to subscribe to our blog check out a few of our posts and see what you think. Also, don’t hesitate to check out and if you are still not sure what to think about us check out our wonderful reviews that can be found on our website, trust pilot, and Facebook have to say.

When does our competition end? 

Our competition for two incredibly lucky individuals ends on July 7, 2018 (07/07/2018)  in exactly 10 days from our announcement of the drawing for two people to win a Samsung Galaxy S9+. Don’t hesitate to subscribe as soon as possible so you can be signed up for our drawing. Like and follow our Facebook so you can be updated on how the drawing is going!  Also don’t hesitate to share this post so your friends and family have a chance to win as well.




Following these simple guidelines will make possible to win a Samsung galaxy S9+.

Use your actual email If you win but happened to use a fake email we will skip to the next set of winners.

Do  NOT spam if we find out about you using more than one account to sign up and subscribe you will automatically be disqualified.



In Conclusion 

If you want to win a Samsung Galaxy S9+ subscribe to our blog before July 7, 2018 (07/07/2018)

Be sure to share this post with friends and family over social media so they have a chance to win as well!

Thank you for being a wonderful customer for UnlockJunky, a new Subscriber, or a new fan of both UnlockJunky and TechJunky. We hope that you win a Samsung Galaxy S9+!

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